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  • Rahul Rajeev

Idea #11 - Boston Dynamics Robots

Today we saw three videos that revolved around the concept of CGI v/s actual robots.

Boston Dynamics, a robotics lab in the USA, put out a fun video of their robots dancing which came under a lot of speculation for being unreal, or a CGI render.

Another channel called 'Corridor Crew' analysed the aforementioned video to explain why that was not the work of CGI, through pointing out minute details and observations that would not be possible through editing.

It was an interesting insight into the power of VFX and questioned just how much of the world we see around us is based in reality.

Do You Love Me video link -

Boston Dynamics Robots can't be faked - VFX artists explain why

New Robot makes soldiers obsolete -

Written By: Hetvi Kamdar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar

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