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  • Sarath Sivan

Idea #99 - What Music Does To Your Brain

Music is now an integral part of our day. From starting our day to going to bed, we do everything with our earphones plugged in. We know it to be something that evokes emotions and feelings in us - both coherent as well as ones we cannot express in words - beyond the horizon. But what exactly does music do to the brain?

Today we watched How Does Music Affect Your Brain? to understand the science behind it. Not only does music help stimulate parts of our brain but it can also almost entirely alter its structure as well! So much so that it actually helps people regain speech again!

Children who play instruments are found to have a stronger connection between both the hemispheres of the brain, resulting in better cognitive skills, decision-making skills, social behaviour, creativity and patience.

Playing music, making music or even simply listening to music, earlier known to activate certain parts of the brain are now proven to activate almost every part of the brain, from sensory nerves to motor nerves and everything along the way of comprehension.

Music truly is something that gives many a purpose and many the will and hope to go on and continue to strive.

So today we are listening to Single Ladies by Beyoncé! What are you listening to?

Written and Curated by Arya Kastwar


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