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  • Sarath Sivan

Idea #92 - The Brilliant Cadence of Ludwig Göransson

Music is an art that can be borrowed from any element and mould into its shape perfectly, like fluid filling a container. It holds immense power over us even in its subtleties. This characteristic of rhythm is one that Ludwig Göransson understands perfectly, and integrates into his work with pure mastery.

Today we watched Creed: How Ludwig Göransson Makes a Score, and learned a little about the process behind Göransson’s genius compositions in Creed, and other critically acclaimed movies like Tenet and Oppenheimer. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional, contemporary, and experimental rhythms and tones together has significantly contributed to his emergence as one of the finest music composers in recent cinema.

Göransson uses the sound of boxing gloves hitting the punching bag, sometimes to fuel adrenaline, provoke a sense of urgency in the audience, and sometimes to carefully lure them in a state of trance. Making the base subject of the theme/character the primary layer upon which the rest of the composition lies, the emotions he evokes are limitless. (just like he quite literally uses the sound of metals for Din Djarin in The Mandalorian to represent his armour and terror!)

We also watched The Making of Wakanda with Ludwig Göransson, and learned how the music of Black Panther was orchestrated. Göransson travelled all the way to Africa to study her diverse culture and understand better how the tribes communicated and lived. Upon a chance encounter with Senegalese singer, Baaba Maal, Göransson knew almost immediately how he wanted to go on about the composition for the movie. Not only does he use the talking drum to compose T’Challa’s theme but he also uses the instrument to say his name in its tone!

On a side note, we hear Göransson would love to make music with Frank Ocean, and we could not be more thrilled!

Written and curated by Arya Kastwar

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