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  • Shweta Singh

Idea #88 - The Power of Visualisation

Visualising an event or activity activates the same part of the motor cortex that actually being subjected to/performing the same does. This is the primary reason terms like “visualisation” and “manifestation” go hand in hand, and are considered powerful tools in realising one’s goals, alongside unyielding effort and relentless hard work, of course!

Today we watched Visualisation Used by Michael Phelps, and learned the power mere visualisation holds, from none other than Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, himself.

He speaks of how visualising his goals and journey became an integral part of his training and critical to his development as an athlete. In fact, his disciplining started when he was just about thirteen, with coach Bob Bowman referring to Progressive Relaxation to prepare him mentally.

“I would visualise the best and worst case scenarios. Whether I get disqualified, or my goggles fill up with water, or I lose my goggles or I come in last, I am ready for anything.” -Michael Phelps

From today’s discussion, we learned the gravity our mind holds, and how crucial it is to be focused and determined towards your craft.

Written and Curated by Arya Kastwar


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