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  • Yash Panchal

#Idea 80 - The Trippy World of Tame Impala

Today we watched the music video of Mind Mischief by Tame Impala, and studied its absolutely dreamy visuals. Directed by David Wilson, the MV sucks you in wholly, trapping you in a trance of a magical feel of sounds and colours that one might only experience on psychedelics. The simplicity of the animation is what makes it so profound.

People talk about the predatory aspect of the video, but this song is simply about giving your heart and soul to someone entirely, only for them to blatantly disregard it and throw it all away without so much as a second thought.

We also watched the music video of Let it Happen by Tame Impala, also directed by David Wilson.

"Finding yourself always in this world of chaos and all this stuff going on around you and always shutting it out because you don't want to be part of it. But at some point, you realise it takes more energy to shut it out than it does to let it happen and be a part of it,” is how Kevin Parker himself has summarised this song.

Analysing their music enlightened us in more ways than one, and expanded our creative horizon.

Written by: Arya Kastwar

Curated by: Shweta Singh


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