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  • Shweta Singh

Idea #120 - Documentation of the Delhi Walla Blog

Today we saw Mayank Austen Soofi, a.k.a. The Delhi Walla's blog. Mayank essentially documents his day to day encounters in Delhi.

He steps out with his camera and notebook to witness the extraordinary moments taking place around the city and eternalise them by sharing them on the internet through his blog.

These moments seem extraordinary to us because- they are mundane. It is because we fail to notice them seeing someone else pointing it out to us makes these small things out of the world. Soofi has over 2.5k posts and 19k pictures on his Instagram- if in the distant future one wants to recreate Delhi's image, his posts are enough to paint you the picture.

Similarly, we saw The Bombay Walla- Kush. Unlike Soofi, Kush only posts pictures. Both of them in their way, allow us to see our cities in a different light.

We closed the discussion with a video on Jamie Livingston, who took a polaroid picture daily for 18 years until he passed.

Today's discussion was an eye-opener. It taught us time is fleeting, all you really have is today. You don't have to document each day of your life (if you do, great!), but never fail to appreciate little things around you. These little things are what will make up the majority of your memory when you look back to reminisce.

“Big things are often just small things that are noticed.” – Markus Zusak

The Links are below:

The Delhi Walla Blog

The Delhi Walla Instagram

The Bombay Walla Instagram


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