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  • Yash Panchal

Idea #72 - Making Sound Visible

We are all aware of the power music or any kind of sound holds over us. From the waves of the ocean to the chirping of the cicadas, from the background score of a suspense thriller to the high notes of the violin, every form of sound, with its frequency and wavelength, impacts us in varying degrees.

Today we learned a little about Cymatics, the study of visible effects of sound and vibration, the science of visualising audio frequencies. We watched Nigel Stanford’s video Cymatics: Science vs Music and witnessed this brilliant phenomenon in action.

The fundamentals of this science can be felt profoundly by our senses, and is also used by cymatic therapists to heal and restore resonance and harmony in the human body and mind. If the balance between science and music is maintained effectively, it can also contribute significantly to the modern music industry that relies so heavily on digital sources.

Cymatics is an extremely fascinating field of science, and one which holds countless possibilities in the creative as well as functional development of society.

Written by: Arya Kastwar

Curated by: Shweta Singh


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