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  • Hetvi Kamdar

Idea #70 - An AI Generated Rom-Com

How close is AI to being on par with man? Closer than you think!

By forcing bots to watch every romantic comedy ever made, grasping and computing the basic plotline of the genre, Netflix has created a perfectly fitting romcom, A Love Tale of Taylors, with AI coding alone.

The film offers every aspect of a classic romcom, and the fact that there was no human contribution to it at all whatsoever makes it all the more enjoyable to watch.

To follow up with the film and understand the concept better, we watched Artificial Intelligence - How will it change the film industry? and delved a little deeper into the role and significance of AI in film making.

“AI is not science fiction anymore. It is already very much present in our world.”

It has, and continues to make a significant contribution to literature, film, and even contemporary pieces of music, as man is, inadvertently but steadily becoming more and more dependent on AI by the day. With the gathered data and statistics, AI alone can, with about 85% accuracy, anticipate how a piece of cinema or even simply a product will be received by the masses. While AI undoubtedly lacks human errors, resulting in seamless results, it also makes one question the future of indie artists and their traditional methods of creating art.

Written By: Arya Kastwar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar


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