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  • Himanshu Singh

Idea #68 - An Invention for Every Need

How easy would life become with little tricks and hacks that seem irrelevant at first glance despite, surprisingly, being capable of making your standard of living better, one task at a time. After all, a whole day is but a summation of the little things we do.

Do you have trouble assembling the parts of your desk? Do you often forget the last time you took your pills? Do you wish you could see how much storage your USB drive is left with? 165 Genius Ideas We Can’t Believe Are Still Not Implemented Everywhere shows you these inventions and more to make your life easier, and needless to say, we wish we could have access to every single one of these ideas in our daily lives. Although not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the functions and practicality of these inventions are extremely resourceful, convenient, and time saving.

From tilted garbage cans for cyclists to shopping carts with calculators, from overlapping curtain rods to keep that one ray of light from hitting your eyes to frost strips on the counter to keep your beverage cold, it really makes us wonder how genuinely at ease we would be everyday had the little inconveniences been so easily sought to be undemanding.

Living our lives at the speed of a metro, trying to do a hundred chores at the same time, while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance, genius inventions like these unarguably make our daily lives easier. So the next time you want to know how hydrated your plants are or even calculate your carbon footprint, you know there is always something out there to help you!

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