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  • Sarath Sivan

Idea #52 - Why Top Gun: Maverick Action Scenes Feel Unbelievably Real

Top Gun: Maverick is now the sixth highest grossing movie in the box office history of the United States. This can be credited to several factors like - the VFX, SFX, cinematography, and the actors’ performance, among the broader categories; as well as successfully maintaining the integrity of the look and feel of the original Top Gun (1986).

Today we watched Why Top Gun: Maverick Action Scenes Feel Unbelievably Unreal and had a look at one of the factors that falls under its brilliant cinematography - the aerial action sequences.

We learned how the directors masterfully combined both traditional practical effects as well as impressively advanced CGI effects to make the film seem unbelievably unreal. With camera angles

  • On the ground

  • Air to air

  • On board, within the aircrafts

every detail of the action sequences was captured and highlighted.

From taking notes from the cinematographer of Top Gun (1986), Jeffrey L. Kimball, to the star cast undergoing three months of rigorous training to be able to withstand the extreme forces they would be subjected to in the aircraft - the creators left no stone unturned to film the masterpiece and do justice to the original movie.

Written By: Arya Kastwar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar


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