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  • Arya Kastwar

Idea #44 - Are Superheroes Really Heroes?

Imagine living in a world where superheroes really exist. Sounds fancy, exciting, even, doesn’t it? But we often forget to also place into the picture the subsequent threat, irredeemable destruction, and ultimate anarchy that follows; because the mere existence of superheroes invites the possibilities of supervillains.

Today we watched Why All Superheroes are Actually Villains and looked at the superhero fantasy/fiction genre through the eyes of civilians, who face the greatest of losses both as individuals and as a society - loss of a loved one, of a comfortable life, losses that are simply irreclaimable. This viewpoint is almost never considered, being completely overshadowed by threats like intergalactic wars and annihilation of mankind.

This video, more than re-establishing superheroes as “supervillains” downright, highlights the fact that although with no ill intention, a hero causes just as much chaos to the world as a villain. It focuses not on dehumanising or antagonising superheroes but on drawing a comparison between the consequences of the actions of both the hero and the villain - which surprisingly equals to the same price the common man has to pay either way.

Having said this, superheroes are, after all, human beings. They suffer and sacrifice just as much as the common man, and they too, carry the weight for a long time.

Written By: Arya Kastwar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar

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