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  • Vinayak Khithani

Idea #43 - Every Story is the Same

Today we studied American writer producer Dan Harmon’s interpretation of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, The Hero’s Journey. This cycle concludes that every storyline has certain characteristics that remain unchanged regardless of the genre, generation, or the character’s religion, race, lifestyle, ancestry, and the like. These attributes involve challenges, temptations, threshold, transformation, atonement .

Joseph Campbell, surprisingly, got a lot of his information from Carl Jung, who studied the archetypes in human myth throughout ages, which explains the accuracy of his monomyth.

Every Story is the Same explains more in detail the cycle of The Hero’s Journey. We also indulged in a fun little activity where we were all given a genre to write a story on. Needless to say, this activity proved Campbell’s theory right, as we all had the invariable elements in our plot!

Written By: Arya Kastwar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar


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