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  • Sarath Sivan

Idea #128 - Batman's Cinematography

"The only good thing about the Batman film was its cinematography" - Sarath

With Greg Fraiser as the cinematographer, we all can absolutely agree with Sarath. Today, we watched a video essay on: "Why THE BATMAN Is So Beautiful" where we learnt about two distinct techniques behind Batman's 'dirty' look inspired by the 70s crime films:

Lenses: The use of custom made Arri Alfa Anamorphic Lenses which were purposely detuned to give the centre sharpness and have edges that fell off.

Color Grading: Shooting digitally and turning it into a digital negative of 35 mm, a technique called IP (interpositive) to produce an immersive texture. A similar technique which was used for the movie, "LAST FILM SHOW (Chhello Show)".


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