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  • Himanshu Singh

Idea #126 - James Cameron's Filmography

The masterclass presentation by Himanshu sir was a comprehensive articulation of James Cameron's filmography and work. James Cameron is the face behind some of the biggest endeavours of Hollywood - Titanic, Terminator, Avatar etc. His films are known for being ahead for their times, and for being risk takers, as well as largely big budget productions.

In his masterclass, one of the things James Cameron spoke about was how it is not always necessary to have a big budget and expensive tech to make a film - all you need is an idea, and the creativity to execute it. You need to focus on your talents and skill set, and make the best out of it.

He also mentioned the importance of a good character - one that the audience can sympathise with, and get attached to. Through various snippets of the masterclass as well as the presentation as a whole, we got an in-depth insight into the world of filmmaking!

The main thing is just picking up a camera and making a film. That’s the most important thing. People say, “How do you get to be a filmmaker?” I say, “Go home, pick up your video camera, and make a film.” - James Cameron


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