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  • Utkarsh Masand

Idea #30 - Why Is It So Dark?

An explosion, some gunshots, a wife, a little child calling out to you. You can hear everything but see not a glimpse of light. All you see is darkness.

Today we watched, or rather, listened to Why Is It So Dark? A story weaved by audio alone, and left entirely on our imagination to be materialised into a more concrete, visual idea. Some imagined the protagonist to have severe ptsd, recalling memories of war from the past, while some imagined the protagonist fighting in the present.

This video taught us to be more mindful of the little details which, had we had the visuals, would have gone completely unnoticed. It can be linked to the concept of the Theatre of the Mind, where we visualise a story in our imagination through audio alone.

We also learned today the significance of a powerful SFX. Despite no visual representation at all whatsoever, through sound alone, each of us was able to vividly picture the plot and the setting in our mind. It was a fun idea that pushed us to our creative edge to create an audio visual imagery of a time and space we have never before witnessed.

How did you weave your story?

Written By: Arya Kastwar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar


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