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  • Vinayak Khithani

Idea #29 - A Mid-Journey

What are the limits to AI's capabilities? Can it drive you around safely? Of course. Can it play chess with you? Yes, easy. Can it create a whole new romcom simply by studying and absorbing every other romcom ever made? Sounds like a bit of a reach, but yes, and it already has!

Today we visited Midjourney, an AI based website and generated art portraits like never before. Our only contribution was to provide the prompt, and the AI, all by itself, gathered data from across the Internet and painted for us precisely what we had in mind, maybe even more detailed and beautiful!

Today's daily idea was a reminder regarding just how far we have taken technology, so much so, it has started to seem like a whole different entity on its own. The genius of AI is both intriguing and a little scary. We have watched enough dystopian civilisation fiction where AI goes rogue to have our doubts. Nonetheless, the technology today, if anything, is extraordinarily impressive and resourceful.

Written By: Arya Kastwar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar

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