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  • Rahul Rajeev

Idea #66 - The Cinematography of Jeremy Snell

We watched two videos by Jeremy Snell- Rose de Mai and Pōhaku.

Snell's films have dark colour palettes, which create an ominous and gloomy ambience- but the narration and the style of filming were such that the film wasn't eerie. Instead, the viewers can feel the personal connection between the people and their work.

There is a common theme of portraying a deep connection between people and natural elements through some sort of work.

When we stand up and ride a board, it allows us to be spiritually connected with the ocean itself.

In both the first and second videos, we see the connection between the harvesters and the roses through the picking of the flowers and the connection between the islander and the sea through surfing.

The links to the videos and the artist- Jeremy Snell are below:

  • Rose de Mai

  • Pōhaku

Link to Jeremy Snell's Profile

Written by: Manya Kumar

Curated by: Rahul Rajeev


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