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  • Aditya Singh

Idea #3 - Ian Hubert's Dynamo Dream

Today we saw the first and the only released episode of ‘Dynamo Dream’ by Ian Hubert. What was so unique about this episode was- the entire set of the film was made on Blender. The scenes were shot with a green screen- the shot footage was then added to Hubert’s 3D world, making the output seamless.

The ambience and the futuristic look of the film were very well communicated. The film was truly a quintessence of visual translation- the ideation was perfectly executed. While the creating process is commendable and the final output is very good, it does lack in terms of story, like, we don't know anything about the characters, the environment they are in etc. so, viewers can feel lost while trying to understand the film.

The film was made by Ian Hubert alone, with the assistance of very few people. It took 2-3 years of hard work to finally release the episode (hoping we don’t have to wait for a couple more years for the second episode)- on this note, I would like to quote:

“Patience is the glue that binds hard work and faith”

The links to videos:

Written By: Manya Kumar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar

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