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  • Shweta Singh

Idea #21 - Living With Gratitude

Today, we discussed the importance of gratitude in one's life - as gratitude is a value we should all imbibe in our lives.

We began with a little background on Paramhansa Yogananda - one of India's most well-known spiritual gurus. His teachings are rooted in practicality and helps one to understand the mind-body-soul union, as well as the art of a balanced lifestyle through yoga, meditation and affirmations.

We need to be grateful for what we have, because if we aren't - we set into motion the law of karma, and lack may have to be created in my life in order to teach me to be grateful.

In the video seen today, Sister Brahmani offers key insights on how the practice of gratitude can “lift your consciousness and bring healing to your body and your mind." and can help in stress management, lowering our blood pressure as well as in improving our quality of sleep and physical health.

Through the analogy of light and dark, the speaker explains how we can dispel negativity and bad thoughts by incorporating gratitude into our lives.

She also spoke about how we should be thankful for the things in our lives, no matter how insignificant, and not take anything for granted.

Here are some practical tips that you can adopt to incorporate gratitude in your daily routines:

1. Call/Text someone and tell them why you're grateful to them after waking up every morning

2. Maintain a journal and jot down what you're grateful for, every day

3. Make a habit of asking yourself - "What am I grateful for in this moment?"

Ask Yourself: What if right now, all you had was what you thanked God (or whatever higher power you may believe in) for, yesterday. What would you have?

Written By: Hetvi Kamdar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar


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