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Idea #20 - Artist as Exhibit ft. Muhammad Muneem

On 5th May, we attended an event titled -' Artists as Exhibits' held at G5A featuring Muhammad Muneem.

A little background about Muhammad Muneem as well as G5A before getting into the event:

G5A is a home for experimental and independent arts practice - located in Mahalaxmi - that caters to various art forms, and believes in the transcendental power of art and the changes it can bring about.

Through a series of diverse programs and projects they are committed to nurturing a vibrant, safe, and inclusive platform that encourages the creative and just – in thought and expression.

Muhammad Muneem, the lead vocalist of the band Alif, is a Kashmiri poet and singer - who believes in the power of music to create tangible change in society.

The event on 5th May provided us with an opportunity to see him up-close and vulnerable, as he attempted to compose a melody in 2 hours with the help of the prompts given by the audience. We often see artists as 'larger than life' but to see him exposed in this manner gave us a greater insight into his life, and his songwriting process. Conversations revolving around art, creativity, and sustenance in a capitalistic world helps in understanding the role of art in our lives; and although the song composed at the end of the session may not have been perfect, it was the attempt that mattered.

Key Takeaways:

1. in the attempt of perfecting your art, you may lose out on its authenticity

2. your art should make you happy, not the mass audience

3. You are what you have done, not simply what you have the potential to do

4. Do not wait for the perfect day to start, start now

Listen to their music here

G5A Foundation - for more information regarding their events

Thank you!

Written By: Hetvi Kamdar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar


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