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  • Rahul Rajeev

Idea #19 - Cutting Edge Editing

In today's idea discussion, we saw a short clip from the documentary titled - Cutting Edge Editing - a film that deals with technique discussions and the art of editing - right from the industry experts.

Revered directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Alexander Payne talk about their personal experiences with regard to editing the film, and how each frame matters.

For the longest time, the team of editors was Hollywood's best kept secret. These people worked endlessly to produce the films that we cherish, and yet were given almost no recognition for their hard work. This set-up has now evolved to the point where directors and editors now work together as a team to create the masterpieces that we see on the silver screen.

The documentary also discussed why each frame counts, and provided an insight about the first modern editor - D W Griffith - the great filmmaker who understood the psychological importance of great editing.

Editing is where movies are made or broken. Many a film has been saved and many a film has been ruined in the editing room. - Joe Dante

Watch the documentary here: Cutting Edge Editing (7:00 - 20:00 approximately)

Similar documentary: Visions of Light

Written By: Hetvi Kamdar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar


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