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  • Garv Sawlani

Idea #18 - The Art of Napping

Naps are freaking amazing and in today's discussion, Garv shared his takebacks from the audiobook, 'Take a Nap! Change Your Life' written by Dr. Sara C. Mednick. Thanks to her extensive research, we now know how naps enable us to do more with less sleep.

Benefits of naps include: healing and repair, better cognitive functioning such as better reasoning, being more alert and so on.

There are three stages of sleep, which eventually lead to the final REM stage where our brain is highly active which in turn, helps induce creativity -- meaning we can definitely use naps as an excuse to seek creative inspiration from.

+ Calculate: Your perfect nap with the Nap Wheel here

+ Rewatch: How long should your naps be? | TED-ed here

+ Listen: 'Take a Nap! Change Your Life' audiobook here

+ Ask Yourself: It now seems that sleep is more of a luxury rather than a necessity, so I can't help but wonder - do we live to sleep or sleep to live?

Written By: Shweta Singh

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar


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