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  • Himanshu Singh

Idea #14 - Inside Daniel Koren's Mind

Today we saw a couple of videos by the artist- Daniel Koren that left us with more questions than answers.

Daniel Koren is an Israeli musician, comedian and director and is most well known for his video titled ‘Walking Contest’ which deals with the dilemma of walking parallel to a person, and overthinking your every move.

His video sketches are based on questions that are relevant to us all, yet they go unnoticed or are overlooked in the hustle of daily life.

He urges us to ponder over seemingly simple questions, and leaves us in a state of deep trance. He also urges us to appreciate the little things in life, and be glad that we exist.

His narration, paired with the powerful musical score and the fast paced nature of the video gives us a wonderful output.

links to the videos are as follows:

Written By: Hetvi Kamdar

Curated By: Hetvi Kamdar


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