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  • Sarath Sivan

Idea #113 - How Nike Took Over the World Cup

Football is no longer a competition among countries alone but is one among brands too. When it comes to football, the world is divided primarily between Nike and Adidas. Today we learned how Nike finally took over the World Cup after decades of perseverance.

Fifa, being among some of the world’s biggest sports events, brings with it massive marketing opportunities for the global sportswear market, which is worth 300 billion dollars. These brands put billions at stake, investing in the best teams, players, and even iconic moments of the tournament.

We learned how Nike established its foothold in football, after being the monopoly brand in sports like tennis, basketball and running. In fact, we learned how any brand analyses the trends in football and determines its strategies. Questions like

  • How many teams wear a brand’s kit

  • How many players wear the brand’s shoes?

And even

  • How many goals have these players scored?

Are considered before signing contracts with teams and individuals. Currently, 6 out 7 nations that are ranked among the world’s top 20 are signed by Adidas, and 7 out of many nations that are ranked among the world’s top 20 are signed by Nike. However, two of the most underperforming teams are also signed by the latter. This goes on to highlight how Adidas changed their strategy from signing the most teams to signing the best ones.

Despite Nike’s rocky graph, today it is at the top of the global sports market. From 1990, when it had absolutely no affiliation with the sport at all whatsoever, to 2022, when the brand has become almost synonymous with Fifa, this victory is one that will go down in history.

Written and Curated by Arya Kastwar

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