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  • Himanshu Singh

Idea #111 - Change Is The Only Constant

Change is an integral and inevitable part of our lives as living beings. We never stop growing and learning. However, if there is one thing that remains unchanged through the seasons of life, it is the very core of our being; and this constant is what accepts and leverages change. This constant is what helps us grow.

Today we watched Piyush Pandey’s TEDx where he relates this phenomenon of growth and change in our lifespan to the lifespan of a commercial. How despite changing times, trends, beliefs, narrative, successful commercials do not budge an inch from their roots. How they imprint their values in us and immortalise the brand.

We looked at the case study of brands like Asian Paints and Fevicol. To relate more to the audience as we grow as a society and meet their needs simultaneously, Asian Paints went from highlighting the sentimentality of a family and their attachment with their humble abode to a little light-hearted miscommunication in the family (which was, of course, resolved). Although the narrative shifted significantly in the kind of emotion it conveyed, the core remained the same - relationships and families.

Not only did the brand put itself in the shoes of the audience but also perfectly positioned the development of its services through the same values.

To make a film, one needs to understand people, their values, and incorporate the same in the film. We were humbly reminded today that branding is more than just selling a product, that branding is a kind of behavioural science in itself, that change really is the only constant.

Written and Curated by Arya Kastwar

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