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Himanshu Singh Gujar

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The founder of Purpose Studios and the driving force behind all our endeavors. 
With a spiritual state of mind, he is always in the search of the next big thing.


Sarath Sivan

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Armed with a playlist for every mood, Sarath is the creative mind behind Purpose. Legend says that if you play a sufi song, or mention MMA, he will appear out of thin air.


Vinayak Khithani

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The resident polaroid photographer of the office, Vinayak is a horror and zombie enthusiast, with an eye for experimentation.

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Shweta Singh

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A content writer on most days and cat-mom on others, Shweta is the resident cheerleader of Purpose whose unwavering positivity is guaranteed to rub off on you.


Arya Kastwar

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Hetvi Kamdar

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A Piano Tiles prodigy with a questionable sense of humor, Arya loves collecting pokémon cards, horror films, and books that transport her into another reality.

A film and literary enthusiast with a caffeine addiction. Always in the pursuit of finding a new media hyperfixation, or a film to decode.


Yash Panchal

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The resident techno fan, Yash, loves to play with light and analyse movies. He happily belongs to the part of the population that would choose the red pill, and is not open to debate about it.


Pradynik Bhishnurkar

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Legally an adult but always a kid at heart, he is an explorer of places, culture, and everything art. Creating simple art in a way that touches the soul profoundly is his idea of what it is to be an artist. 

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